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American Airlines

American Airlines is also called with the name American. They are connected with the following sectors and industries: Industrials, Transportation, and Airlines. The American Airlines is also associated with public, b2c, airlines by their customers and industry analysts. American Airlines is the competition for several companies such like Delta, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. American Airlines employ 113,300 people according to customers in the know.

Common Questions come up for American Airlines Customer Service

  • How do I get a refund for not getting on an overbooked American Airlines Flight?
  • How do I get a refund for an American Airlines flight that was delayed more than a couple of hours?
  • How can I Change my American Airlines flight?
  • How Do I get refund for my flights?
  • Many more

Well, there are many more questions that customers of American Airlines come up. Besides, these queries and questions, customers can also directly reach professionals by dialing the contact number:

Language                 Phone Hours (CT)

English                                800-433-7300

Spanish                               800-633-3711

Portuguese                        866-824-8717

Japanese                             800-237-0027

Mandarin Chinese            800-492-8095

Hearing & speech impaired     800-543-1586


Benin 21-322-795 or 97-482-220
Ghana* 00233-302-782054 or 00233-302-776724
South Africa* 011-844-6067
Togo* 22891340274


You can reach at the official website

You can also directly contact at the official website of the American Airlines Customer Service in the contact us option. You can also explore the entire portal for any query or detail you have regarding Airlines facility.

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